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Meet Sabrina @SabbyHeartsNails

Meet Sabrina @SabbyHeartsNails

Q: How did you get into nails?

You can say I’ve always had a passion for nails! Flashback to 2nd grade when I painted my nails during story time and sadly got my polish taken away lol.

As the pandemic hit, I decided to give gel polish a try and instantly fell in love. I started with gel manicures on myself but eventually wanted something with length without having to go to the nail salon.

So the creative spark in me lit up when I thought of making my own press-on nails! At first it was just a hobby making sets for myself until friends and family persuaded me to start selling them. 

That’s when I created SabbyHeartsNails in 2021. During this time I was also pursuing a career in nursing all the while being a mother. I was ready to apply for this program, however I always felt deep down that this was not my passion.

It was a tough thing to face thinking of all the time that was invested and then taking the total opposite route. But I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made especially when I had all the support of my loving hubby, friends and family.

So with time and LOTS of practice and determination I am so grateful to see my business grow and continue growing while providing beautiful quality nails to my clients.

Q: What's your favorite Painted Desert product and why?

My favorite Painted Desert product will ultimately have to be the nail tips. Now what shape is my fave? That’s a hard one to choose! But I am such an almond girly, so Medium Almond def has my heart!

I love the durability, quality and range of different shapes and lengths giving myself & my clients a huge selection to choose from. It makes me happy to see my growing Painted Desert collection.

Q: What's your tip for those who are new to nails?

Some tips to those who are new to nails is to NEVER GIVE UP. As a stay-at-home mom of two I had many moments of self doubt, and lots of trial and error experiences, while learning how to balance it all. But I kept pushing myself and kept going because even though being a mother can be a handful sometimes, doing nails is my passion, my outlet to creative freedom and something I get to share with all of you.

Also, keep practicing! With the amount of resources we have in this time, we can learn anything we want at the touch of our finger tips.

Lastly, just have fun! Whether you’re pursuing a career in the nail field or simply doing it for fun, keep that passion alive and don’t stress it! Keep practicing, keep learning & growing. You got this!