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Gel Polish Ombre: The struggle is real! or is it?

Gel Polish Ombre: The struggle is real! or is it?

Are you struggling to achieve ombré?

For years nail techs have developed some unique ways to ombré using gel polish or gel nail materials. Some are easier than others and some are questionable in terms of safety (the airbrush gel method see below).

Here are 2 methods for ombré with gel products with our ombré brush.

Using the Ombré Brush:

It’s true that not all Nail Art Ombré Brushes are created equal. The Painted Desert Ombré brush was designed with sparse longer bristles inset into a short fuller brush bristles. I had it design this way to pull a smaller amount of gel or glitter at a time, and yes it can be tricky to use. Here is a video using the brush to ombré two gel colors together. 

Use a VERY LIGHT touch to perform a stippling and dragging technique. It’s very important than only the very top of the bristles are used and very, very light hand.

1. Lay thin layer of lighter color and full cure
2. Lay nice amount of both colors side by side no cure
3. Drag both colors into each other.
4. Stipple and drag to blend and melt together
5. Full cure
6. Repeat steps 2-5
7. Nice even top coat + full cure 😍


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Ombre brush + acrylic powder

There is another method using acrylic powder that is shown by our affiliate ambassador Carole on Youtube. Use Carole's link to save save 10% CAROLEANNETTE (*she earns a small commission for anything purchased from this link)


I continue to see airbrushing as a technique and while I see how appealing this may look and sound I STRONGLY discourage it. Here are 3 reasons you should think twice before picking up the airbrush machine:

1. Paint and GEL products SHOULD NOT BE INHALED, especially via aerosol. Have you ever seen a house painter painting an interior room? Usually they have a respirator (and goggles) on and for good reason. A basic mask WILL NOT CUT IT. These particles are so tiny they go into the air very quickly and ARE TOXIC. You and your clients should not be inhaling them!

2. Many nail techs are also using acetone to mix these gels which is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!!!! PLEASE PLEASE know these vapors can become ignited very easily. 

3. Skin contact with gel product should always be avoided. Ok, so you are using gloves, latex on your clients fingers, you are protected right? WRONG - Again, remember these are tiny particles now floating in the air around you, coming into contact with your skin and your eyes! Long term exposure could have serious allergic and health consequences. Nail gel allergies are a hot topic these days (as they should be), the airbrush technique being introduced contributes to additional risks of skin contact, eye contact, and more...leading the way to possible development of allergies.

 Stay safe out there! 


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