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She left the medical field to pursue what she truly loves

She left the medical field to pursue what she truly loves

Q: How did you get into nails?

A:  I started doing my own nails as a hobby. During this time I was really struggling with my mental health. I would spend hours trying to learn, and practice as much as I could. I didn’t have any purpose, but I knew doing my own nails made me so happy, and I would focus so much on practicing that I would stay up til 7am sometimes.

People at work or on the streets would complement my nails all the time and ask if I could do their nails. At first I would say no because I wasn’t licensed, and honestly I was scared to hurt them with the drill. My job during this time was in the medical field as a medical assistant.

One day, I decided to further my education and go to school to become a nurse because I thought that was the right path for me, and I will always have a job.

Shortly after Covid-19 happened and many people were getting let go, and I thought to myself why don’t I just go for it, and go to nail school because honestly no job is secure, but at least I’ll be doing what I truly love.

Q: What's your favorite Painted Desert product and why?

A: I have a few favorite Painted Desert products starting with the Quick Gel Tips. They are perfect for press ons, and I love that they have extra small sizes, as well as 11 sizes.

I also love the Sidewinder Flash Cure Lamp because it makes my job so much easier when applying the tips. Their brushes are also amazing for nail art as well.

Q: What's your one tip for those new to nails?

A: For those that are new nail techs I recommend you to practice a lot, and be patient. I don’t have previous experience in nail art I just practice a lot, and until this day I literally cannot believe some of the art I’ve created.

Secondly, I would say stay focus and remember you’re not in any competition with other nail techs. Learn at your own pace because really theirs no rush.

Lastly, Pinterest will be your best friend. There is so much nail art inspo there.