Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about our products. If you don't find your question here, feel free to contact us on our social media @thepainteddesert or email us at

They are made of PMMA which is the high quality “gel” tip you find on the market now.

Our products do not contain HEMA. We use do use HPMA. All ingredients of our products are also listed on the site.

No. All nail enhancements should not damage natural nails as long as you are prepping properly and removing properly with care.

They can be used two ways: (1) as a press-on with regular nail glue; or (2) as a complete gel extension with our Cactus Jelly attachment gel.

You can use nail glue if you do not use gel or want to make press-ons.

Yes, it is the preferred method for new users.

No. UV / LED gel need the light to penetrate the gel for it to cure. Color will only block the light. If you need to paint first then just apply with regular nail glue. Regular nail glue makes it just like a press-on. This is a very popular method.

First, make sure your nail prep is on point. Improper nail prep is the number one cause of nail lifting. Also use a primer for extra strength and make sure you shape them well in the back for a great fit. Watch our Quick Gel Tip application tutorial for step-by-step guide.

Longevity of any nail application all depends on your prep. With proper prep and gel application, 3-4 weeks. If using regular GOOD QUALITY nail glue, 1-2 weeks.

You cut down, file off any color and bulk, then soak in 100% acetone. Just as gel nails.

Yes, you need to etch for adhesion. Also don't forget to buff the natural nail as part of your nail prep.

Yes. Make sure you use 100% alcohol or a dehydrator for any nail application.

Sculpted does well on nails that are a bit more curvy. And “natural” is best for flatter nail beds.

You may want to check out our Short Squovals and our Xtra Small Ovals.

For shorter nails Medium Oval and Medium Coffin Natural are pretty wide. The longer the nails the wider usually. The XL Square is pretty wide. All measurements are listed on the site.

You can use any UV light that works with the gel you are using. Our Sidewinder Flash Cure Lamp is just very easy to use when applying on yourself. Full size lamp is still needed to completely cure any gel product.