Press it On! - Nail Glue

Press it On! - Nail Glue

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Our new Press it On! - Nail Glue will quickly become your go-to for press on nails!

Press it On! is a liquid formula slightly thicker than a regular nail glue. No need for a UV/LED nail lamp as this is a time dry regular nail glue!

 Avoid Skin Contact! This stuff really STICKS! which is great for nails only! ;)

We recommend planning to wear your nails for at least one week when applying. It is likely with proper prep they will stay on even longer! It is not recommended to try to removed immediately after applying as the glue is very strong and will need 100% acetone to dissolve if you need to remove before the glue naturally starts to break down.

Please remember to fully prep your natural nails for best results! Buff to remove shine and dehydrate for best results.

P.S. Its a BIG BOTTLE! 1/2 oz with convenient cap!


Ingredients: ethyl cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate

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