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XS/S Coffin Quick Gel Tips

Our Xtra Short Coffin has a new fancy box and a new name. We have now labeled it XS for clients with average/long nail beds and S for those with very short nail beds.

Our Xtra Short Coffin is a SLIGHTLY smaller version of our most popular coffin shape. This slightly shorter this Coffin boasts a full 15 SIZES in a "natural" apex shape!!!

**Xtra Short will be very short on those with LONG nail beds. Customers will short/medium Nail beds may be longer than one would consider *xtra short* Please remember every nail bed is different and they will fit differently on everyone!

Quick Gel Tips are perfect for any nail technician or press-on nail maker! 

Our Quick Gel Tips are made with the latest Gel Tip features. They are thin at the cuticle line and provide more strength towards the tip. They are flexible without creasing or breakage to help roll and shape into the perfect apex for your client's nails.

This box now contains 600ps of 15 Sizes - including wider thumbs down to small little pinkies! 

*please note these may still not accommodate all nail widths and sizes*

*This is a single box of Quick Gel Tips ONLY. Gel and lamp sold separately or as a bundle here.

All Sales Final
*Due to the nature of our products and health concerns, all sales are final. No returns or exchanges are accepted. All measurements are listed to their best representation to help you make a decision. 


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  • R$ 131,00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Avigail Estrada
Amazing gel tips

I love the xs almond nails bc of how sturdy they are but also how natural looking they are.

Laura Faulk
Look so natural!

I recently received these gel tips but have not used them yet. However, I absolutely love how they look and feel and will be using them very soon!

Jamie R
Love love LOVE

I have very small hands. My wedding rings are sized 3.5. Finding nails to fit my hands is impossible. Painted Desert made it happen! I am over the moon about these tips! I do wish they would come in different shapes for the nail apex, as I have flatter nail beds, but I just use builder gel to adhere them to close that gap.


I have SUPER small hands. Even the nail tips at the salon don't fit me. I stubled across Painted Desert on TikTok. I've finally found nails at will fit! I couldn't be happier

Still very long

These are very long for "extra short". Both styles that I tried were over 0.5" from my fingertip.