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XXS Round vs XS Oval vs Short Squoval Gel Extension Nail Tips

XXS Round vs XS Oval vs Short Squoval Gel Extension Nail Tips

I have received multiple questions over the last few weeks about the differences in our new XXS/XS Round Quick Gel Tips compared to our two other popular full cover gel nails: Extra Small Oval and Short Squoval.

Let’s rewind to 2021, when I first launched Quick Gel Tips at Painted Desert.

I was struggling most of 2020 trying to cut down gel extensions already on the market to fit my press on nail client requests of short nails. That’s when I knew I could find something better. ENTER: Short Squoval

Short Squoval was the first shortest clear “gel” nail tip that I could find on the market up until last year when other companies followed suit. So I naturally called it just “Short” because it was the shortest and no one really called anything “short” on the market in the squarish shape. On my own, very short, natural nails they fit like a short or XS short. On someone with a bit longer nail beds they fit like an XXS/XS Squoval, and so they are often called XXS/XS by many press on nail artists.

Our Xtra SMALL Oval gel nails are a short and NARROW shape in response to our longer and wider Medium Oval Gel extension. The name is often shortened to XS which some say extra short but I always labeled as SMALL in reference to the narrowness of the nail in addition to the length. It is a popular best seller for its dainty flattering on anyone shape but the thumbs are very narrow for someone with wide nail beds.

Enter our new XXS/XS Round. This shape I spent the better part of over a year designing, and trying to source the production in the USA, with no luck, so I did revert to my trusted factory where the rest of our line is produced. This shape is meant to be a more rounded version of the popular Squoval (almost same length but a little SHORTER) and wider. It boasts a full 15 sizes catering to a wider thumb. This really fall into the need I found for those with wider and shorter nails, like myself, looking for a true round shape and short (not more square looking). 


If you have longer nail beds and still want a very short natural look the “Short” Squoval may be the better option as the side walls are longer and the shape leans more round when on a long nail bed. The other option is the extra small oval.  Over the last few year I have found those with long slender nail beds tend to have narrower nails and the extra small oval gel extensions are beautiful on them and very very popular for press on nail clients.

Remember, every listing for our Quick Gel Tips full cover gel nails has a size chart with length and width so you can measure before purchase. We do not return these boxes for health reasons. If you need to try before you buy the full box check out our shape/size finder bags. They come with one of each size for the shape. 

xxs round full cover gel nail tip 

Our new XXS Round shape is also designed with the number AT THE CUTICLE LINE and the top is matte instead of shiney. This helps with the the buffing of the nail. We still suggest priming the top of the nail tip with PRIME TIME or primer of your choice.

REFILL BAGS! Yes we carry refill bags! We have offered refill bags of our nails for over a year now! One do the few small businesses that offer this option to nail artists! We are working to get the new XXS Round refill bags in. Please be patient as it is a new shape 😍

SO do you need all 3? or both the XXS Round and XS Oval? - both shapes are very different. One being much shorter and rounder and one being much longer for longer nail clients. Take a look at your client roster and see what lengths are your most popular and take a poll if clients would like to try them!

Which of the 3 shapes are your clients loving right now?? And do you