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Saguaro Rechargeable E-File

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Never used one before so there’s a learning curve but little drill is powerful! Recommend watching some videos on how to use and the difference in the drill bits

Liliana Rogers
Love it!

I love this e-file. Its easy to use and does have a little bit of weight to it. I’m a beginner still and not having any issues using it. it also holds a charge pretty well.

Our new entry level, portable, rechargeable, electric nail file is perfect for gel nail removal and prep of our full cover gel nails (Quick Gel Tips)

  • Forward and Reverse function
  • Speed up to 35K (you will notice increments most at 10-15k, 15-20k, and 30-35k)
  • Not recommended for natural nails. As a nail tech with advance experience with electric nail files I am recommending usage for removal and prep of gel products. This is due to vibrations portable machines have that are not recommended for direct use on the nail plate.
  • This nail file makes a great companion for experienced nail techs and beginners to prep their quick gel tips and for home users to help with removal of gel product for reapplication or soak off.
  • This can be used at low speeds and cautiously with training for removal of hard, dry, dead skin from around the nail and for callus removal on the foot for single users.
    • *if you are professional nail tech that works directly on multiple clients a day we suggest an additional advanced e-file to keep up with demand


  • USB charging CORD (charging brick not included)
  • entry level nail bits for prep of Gel Nail tips (the "diamond" bits are not recommended for natural nail prep or skin)
  • entry level ceramic "fine" cone bit for removal