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5 pc Luxury Nail Dotting Tool Set

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What are some easy nail art designs to do at home? It's easy to create simple and complex nail art designs with painting dots! 

10 Sizes to use:
  • Dotting Tool 1 ( 0.6mm x 1.3mm )
  • Dotting Tool 2 ( 1.0mm x 2.0mm )
  • Dotting Tool 3 ( 1.6mm x 2.3mm )
  • Dotting Tool 4 ( 2.6mm x 3.3mm )
  • Dotting Tool 5 ( 3.0mm x 3.6 mm )

Dotting tools are a nail artist's best friend. No nail art supply desk is complete without dotting tools.

This set of 5 nail art tools is perfect to create flowers and small details with gel polish or nail polish.

Each double sided nail art dotting is made from lightweight aluminum metal for excellent control. The double sided design gives you 10 different sized nail dot options!