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Our first Follower Friday feature is here! ✨

Our first Follower Friday feature is here! ✨

Q: How did you get into nails?

A: Nails and beauty have always been a passion of mine from a young age. Although my love for nails really started as a way to help myself kick my life time habit of biting my nails. I never had the time or money to go to a salon regularly growing up, so I figured I’d learn to do them myself.

However, when I lost my job back in 2020 like so many others, I knew it was time to pursue a career in something I was actually passionate about. At first I thought I wanted to go the traditional route of being a nail technician but I quickly learned that was not for me.

After a while of researching and trying to find a different avenue within the nail industry, I stumbled upon the world of luxury press-on nails and knew right away that’s what I wanted to do. I jumped right into creating my business and brand, it was truly the best choice I ever made! 

This upcoming February will be my 2 year anniversary since I started By Chloe Nails. I am so happy to have the ability to share my nail art with those all over the world and help others with their press on nail business as well.


Q: What's your favorite Painted Desert product and why?

A: My MUST-HAVE product from Painted Desert is definitely the Xtra Small Oval Quick Gel Tips! They’re not only my favorite shape but my customers favorite shape as well. They work great for all nail shapes and are very universally flattering.

I have gone through almost 15 boxes in the last year and will definitely continue to order more.

Q: What's your one tip for those new to nails?

A: Find what you love!

There are so many different options within the nail industry career wise, the possibilities are truly endless. Don’t be afraid to branch out into things that are new or uncharted.

The nail industry as a whole is extremely friendly and supportive, you can find amazing friends and opportunities.