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Keep it Boxy Full Size Lamp

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  • R 711.00
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Keep it Boxy is the perfect companion for your Quick Gel Tips and our variety of Gel Products

This full size nail lamp features a power of 48w with various time modes, low heat mode option, and a removable bottom tray.

Always use a full-size lamp in addition to your Sidewinder to completely cure your product according to the gel manufacturer's recommendations.

*this lamp uses LED bulbs that emits a wavelength of 365nm-395nm to be able to cure gel product. Please research more information about LED and UV light sources for nail lamps if you have questions.

Material: Plastic, non acetone resistant
Power: 48w
Certification: CE RoHS LVD EMC
Timer: 30S,60S,90S, 120S
Feature: low heat mode
Lifetime: 50000 Hours
Warranty: 6 Months
Features: Low Heat Mode, Removable Tray