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XXS / XS Round Quick Gel Tips - 600 pc Box

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  • $ 450.00
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Customer Reviews

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Carole Annette
Wonderful for making Press On Nails

I love the shape of these! They are soo flattering and making typing soo easy.

cristina rusu
Perfect for small nail beds!

I am so obsessed with these tips! They are the perfect length and shape for my small nail beds!

Christian Seelye
They are perfect!!!

I am in love!!! Used them on a kid that wanted extensions it was perfect size for the 10 year old

Melissa Roseman

I love the shape and the length of these nails! I ordered some new gel colors so I’m looking forward to painting my next set on next week! They are super easy to work with and a perfect length to do things around the house, work out, and not feel like you can I put on a pair of tights for work!


THIS LISTING IS FOR THE 600pc BOX - 40 of each 15 sizes

One of our most requested new styles is now available!! Designed specifically for those with short natural nail beds!

Our new shape is a more rounded version of our super popular Squoval. The little sister to XS Oval is here!

I designed these with a Matte Top to reduce buffing time for press on nail makers. Just apply a primer and continue with your painting application.

The inner side of the nail is a high shine finish for easier removal and rewear for press on nail users. *If applying as a gel extension it is recommended to etch the inside

This SHORT ROUND NAIL boasts a full 15 SIZES in the same range as our XS Almond and XS Coffin Nail tips

"natural" apex shape!!

**XXS / XS will be very short on those with LONG nail beds AND IS NOT recommended. ****Please remember every nail bed is different and they will fit differently on everyone!

Quick Gel Tips are perfect for any nail technician or press-on nail maker but these little beauties are easiest to use as a press on nail tip.

Our Quick Gel Tips are made with the latest Gel Tip features. They are thin at the cuticle line and provide more strength towards the tip. They are flexible without breakage to help roll and shape into the perfect apex for your client's nails.

This box now contains 600ps of 15 Sizes - including wider thumbs down to small little pinkies!

*please note these may still not accommodate all nail widths and sizes*

 *This is a single box of Quick Gel Tips ONLY. Gel and lamp sold separately or as a bundle here.

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