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Sidewinder Flash Cure Lamp V3

Experience the ease of nail extensions with the Sidewinder Flash Cure Lamp V3! With its luxe gold arm that bends and flexes to reach even the trickiest spots, creating gorgeous gel x nails has never been simpler. So go ahead, dazzle your fingertips and upgrade your look with this game-changing flash cure lamp!

The Sidewinder V3 Flash Cure Lamp is a perfect companion for your Quick Gel Tips

Use this convenient lamp at your desk for hands free application of gel extensions. 

This new version is even more convenient with a base perfectly weighted for use on a flat surface. Boasting 3 LED bulbs for an efficient and powerful 12w of power. It is also wireless with a USB charging cord included.

This lamp is meant for a quick FLASH cure of 10-15 seconds. Always use a full-size lamp in addition to your Sidewinder to completely cure your product according to the gel manufacturer's recommendations. Use with our KEEP IT BOXY LAMP

*the cord is a usb. You will need a plug adapter for the usb to plug into

*this lamp is an LED bulb that emits a wavelength of 395nm-405nm to be able to flash cure gel product. Please research more information about LED and UV light sources for nail lamps if you have questions.

**non acetone resistant  

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  • $63.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I’ve used cheaper lights like this one, but this one does work better.

Jaz Whitener

Works fantastic

Judith Segall
Get it.

I’ve tried to use the other kinds of lamps for doing full cover nails and I’ve looked at other similar lamps on Amazon but nothing is as good as this little guy for the price. Very pleased


Great quality


Works really real!!